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For eight years, former prostitute Annie Lobert has tried to help women break free of a life of exploitation.

Lobert was a prostitute for 16 years, and has been free for 8 years,  she described how she first learned that her boyfriend was actually her pimp.
She was making money, as she put it, "selling my body," when he one day demanded she give him all the money.
When she refused, he took her to the back of their house, beat her, gave her a broken nose and ribs, rubbed her face in dog feces and against the concrete.
"It's then that realized I was with a sex trafficker," Lobert said.
"I had a double life and there is an underlying root of something that is basically influencing them that chose that lifestyle," she said. "A lot of it, not for everyone -- the underlying cause is we don't believe we're worth anything." Despite the pains she endured, Lobert said, "It made me a fighter, a stronger person, a person of change. I don't want to step down from that."                                                                                    

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